The story of CASS

CASS will contribute to limiting the loss of good crop prices for Vietnamese agricultural products.

Vietnam is a tropical climate country, all year round there are many delicious and nutritious fruits and vegetables with great export potential, but currently the value obtained is very limited and the above advantages cannot be exploited due to the economy. The technical and social foundation is not yet developed.

In recent years, Vietnam’s agriculture has continuously achieved advances in farming techniques that help increase productivity, but the paradox is that the better the harvest, the more the price drops. Create more products but income is still unstable, business losses are more.

The society has had many meetings to discuss solutions and call for rescuing agricultural products to reduce losses for farmers. However, the proposed solutions such as calling for not planting according to trends, planting according to functional areas,… and some preservation solutions are not very effective because they either require high techniques, can only be processed in small quantities at a time (irradiation, washing, etc.) or cannot maintain stable quality. While the ripe quantity is too large, the existing storage conditions are not of good quality, not large enough to prolong the storage time waiting for prices to increase, leading to a situation where the good harvest’s price is increasingly severe.

Typically in 2018, there were many loud calls to rescue radishes, kohlrabi, bananas, lychees, dragon fruits… and recently sweet potatoes in Gia Lai. According to separate statistics, the amount of post-harvest loss is 30%. This is a huge loss and waste of society’s wealth.

Rescuing Watermelons in Quang Nam and Quang Ngai

Farmers cry because zucchini is so cheap

Hundreds of containers of dragon fruit at the border gate

To resolve this situation. We choose the modified atmosphere preservation method (the cleanest and most advanced preservation method in the world today) to help increase the preservation time from 2-9 months.

According to this method, the ratio of oxygen in the natural air will be adjusted to decrease and the ratio of nitrogen to an optimal index will be increased to help reduce the respiration intensity of agricultural products, inhibit growth maintains the taste and nutritional value of agricultural products while destroying or stopping the growth of harmful microorganisms.

However, there is a huge difficulty: the cost to adjust the air composition in the warehouse is very high, and it will be very expensive because each shipment must remove all the air, causing the selling price to increase, this is also not feasible for the above problem.

After a period of research and experimentation, we have found a solution to this problem, which is CASS.

CASS is an agricultural storage warehouse that is a perfect combination of a smart warehouse system with a refrigeration system and air conditioning technology (CA-Controlled Atmosphere), able to control temperature, humidity and gas content (oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, ethylene, etc.) to help inhibit agents that cause damage to agricultural products, maintain natural living conditions, extends post-harvest preservation time while still ensuring quality. The loss rate after preservation by this method is less than 10%, so the loss rate has decreased by 75% compared to the present, not to mention the quality remains stable, the resale price is higher, and profits are brought to farmers (Cooperatives), traders and businesses operating in the industry will increase sharply, helping them overcome the situation of devaluation and boldly look for many other potential markets for their business to increasingly develop.


Contribute to overcoming weaknesses in the agricultural value chain, enhancing the commerciality of Vietnamese agricultural products.

Cultural values

Commitment, integrity, learning, action, friendliness, teamwork, prosperity.


  • Reduce logistics costs, increase the producer’s share in the final price.
  • Reduce loss of agricultural products, stabilize income for farmers, protect the environment.
  • Transparent quality of producers, strengthening social trust in Vietnamese agricultural products.

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